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I grew up in a broken family, where we move around a lot with my mother within a small country. And during the many moves, we have lost many valuable family photos, even though there wasn't really many of them. The last memories of it we have had, my Alzheimer ailing mother brought it out somewhere and couldn't remembered them. And that was it - gone!

As such, after giving birth to my daughter, I tend to capture many moments in our every day life. Every evening after bathing my daughter, I would brush her hair and thought, “How nice it would be if someone can sneak a shot of us right now!”. There are many such moments where I truly wish someone would document our daily lives as a family. Something that is not posed. Something real. Something significant. That in time I may forget, like my mother. As a full time mother and the photographer in the family, that just means I am missing out in many pictures, especially with my baby girl who is growing up fiercely. And my dear child would have no photographic memory of her mother.

With this thought in mind and motivated by these beautiful moments of my little girl and her dad, I am launching my new photography session - Day In The Life Sessions. I will be offering 3 packages for your different needs, where I will come into your home, get to know each other, blend in your environment, and start capturing your daily lives. Something real, something significant that is truly yours. Wouldn't it be nice?

Contact me if you would like to know more about getting your family documented.

Yours truly,

Sally | Your Family Documentarian

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