Jul 09, 2014

Two weeks ago, I had a chance to cover a home concert by Canadian Jazz Pianist - David Braid. It was quite an experience for me personally.

We have all been to concerts, and how small we became when we got lost in the crowd and it is near impossible to have any interaction with the artist. This one, however, is totally different. The performing artist can have a face to face with the small group of audience and have a more personal and immediate experience.

I am not a musician nor can I play any music instrument myself. But I like that David can combine different genre pieces and make his own music. Everyone was in awe when he fished out some wooden chopsticks and stick them in between the strings to create a Chinese piece and I thought it sounded very much like our Chinese Gu Zheng (古筝). He told us a story of him playing in a town in China this very piece, one man was so touched by it that he ran home and wrote a poem, returned and gave it to the artist. For a moment I thought, wow! Who is the talented one here? The man who ran home and instantly wrote a poem or the artist who inspired him to? I guess they both are. 

Thank you Maureen for this opportunity!


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