It was a beautiful Sunny Autumn day, and I just have to get my two darlings down for a snap, just before the Sun bid farewell for the day.

Baby Jade is almost turning 4 month old. What a journey it has been! The tough 1st month followed by her little baby steps to give her first smiles, grabbing with her tiny fingers, waking up happy everyday, laughing with us, sleeping through the nights and many more to come. As her development progresses, our love for her grow tremendously. I can see that from her daddy's eyes.

They all grow so fast. Time went by with a blink of an eye. I am glad I love taking photos of them, watching them bond, watching her grow, watching him fell in love all over again. I know I would look back later and rekindle all her baby's memories.

Such is a beautiful golden moment. Have you captured yours?


Oct 28, 2013

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