Apr 18, 2014

Family portraits are such beautiful thing. The moments are something money cannot buy back. And I am happy when I can help create that.

Last Sunday was such a beautiful Sunny day and I have the opportunity to visit Mike and Esther at their beautiful house with a garden. The garden isn't big or anything, it is HU-MON-GOUS! I was excited to meet Baby Lily again! She has grown to be such a lovely doll - look at those eyes and smiling all the time!!! The entire session was done at their home in Hegenheim, France. You can picture how massive the greenery is! If there is only 2 words to describe this family, it has to be "simple pleasures". 

Like I said - family portraits are such beautiful thing, such beautiful memories for theirs to keep.


  • Its my pleasure, Esther! Finally get to visit your home. I'm glad that you are happy with the pictures :) And we'll see us soon! x

  • Thanks a LOT Sally! Lovely memories for us to keep and it was a fun afternoon spent with you and your camera! ;-)
    Esther x

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