April 26, 2015

It was nearly the same time 3 years ago, I did their engagement session. And had the honour to cover their simple cozy wedding in the Summer of 2012. And now, let me re-introduce you - the Family Ashman, Spring 2015 edition! ;)

Isa and Jamie is the most chill-lax couple to work with, their no fuss and easy-going personality allows me to create some really wonderful shots that I truly adore. And now, with their new addition (well actually not so new anymore...), little Jake who arrived 13 months ago, their pictures look ever so blissful. We did a few shots in and around their home, and I suggested to move the scene over to Bottmingen Schloss, as that is where we did their engagement shots. Nostalgia!

I was telling Isa the other night while working on their pictures, that I could see the happiness in Jamie's eyes. Even on my 13" Mac, I swear. This is why I love my job. I like capturing such happiness. Those kind that I'll be smiling from ear to ear during editing and then show them how beautiful they look. I love it that I am given a chance to follow up on their journey as they grow, as a family.

So thank you Isa and Jamie, for the opportunity. And for little Jake, being ever so happy and fun that day!


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