Dec 11, 2015

Meet The Shentons, probably one of those chilled folks I've known, living just next village from mine. Their little girl has always been a doll, easy-going and always cheerful since I saw her came into this world. I am quite in love with their little prince, 4-month-old looking so adorable, smiling most of the time.

The family have just moved into a new apartment with an amazing view by the Rhein, and with their new addition into the family, all the more to call for a family shoot. It was quite a last minute request over last weekend, and it wasn't an easy feat. Quite the contrary of what you always seen in family portraits, it is never easy photographing children. But with a little patience and tricks, the results can be worthwhile. Sometimes they fuss around, and usually they don't cooperate. When one starts to cry, the other one follows. In the end, everyone got too tired for shoot. So yeah, it is not always easy, but quite frankly...nothing is. And sometimes, it is even good to capture few of such moments to look back on. I know this is the season where every family wants that perfect family photo to share. But let's also rejoice on the day-to-day family moments that are real and more fun to share them with your family and friends. Don't you think? :)

2 more weeks till Christmas, have you done your shoppings yet? Me not.


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