May 11, 2015

Since I am doing my photography leisurely now that I am a full time mother, I realize I haven't been doing makeover shoot for a long while. Well, I actually did not realize it until Gaby contacted me for her Headshot taken for her website.

Gaby Soldati is a makeup artist, whose enthusiasm really shows when you talk to her. I get to know her through our misters and I used to join her for a few makeover evenings (you know, pre-kids days), to practice my creativity. The impression I get from Gaby since the first time I know her is that, this woman really loves her stuff - making women look beautiful and let them shine. She showed me how makeup can empowered a woman to feel more confident, and that makes her love her job even more. I can totally relate to her. Even though I know how one should embrace our natural self, but hell, I am not giving up my Mascaras!

If you think Make-up is a chore, Gaby is happy to come over to guide you or teach you a thing or two. Ask her about her makeover evenings, I am sure she will be happy to help you! ;)

We did a 30-minute mini session at my home studio. These photos of her turned out so nicely and we recalled how much fun those makeover shoots were, that Gaby and I thought we ought to have these fun-filled makeover promotions done again. So stay tuned, ladies! 


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