Jul 03, 2014

It was a great opportunity when Eleanor from Semi-Circle approach me to help them create a calendar for their then up coming production play - the Calendar Girls. It will be 13 scenes shoot made up by their casts and crew member posing nude/semi-nude. If you have seen or watch the play/movie, you would have know why. The proceeds from the calendars is to go to the Swiss Cancer Foundation (Krebs Stiftung).

There were 2 problems: very tight deadline , very low budget. And then came the 3rd problem: I wasn't allowed to promote the images online since its of sensitive material. I thought for quite a while but in the end I said, "why not?" It will be fun. And so, I've convinced myself that the experience will be worth it.

The shoot was taken in 3 days, Eleanor did a perfect job of scheduling everyone in - in a timely order. As Semi-Circle is made up of a voluntary group of people who devote their time and passion into plays, everyone came in with props and ideas - something to contribute to making the calendar a successful one. I was very impressed and glad that I am a part of it. I am even more delighted to get to know a few interesting people.

I was even more grateful when a cast member, out of her appreciation of my work, bought me a pair of tickets to the play. I went and watched, and teared. It was such a heart-felt performance that I couldn't hold back my tears. I was so moved by it.

I hope some of you in Basel has caught it. And although the play has ended last weekend, but if you are interested in buying the 15 Francs calendar, get in touch with Semi-Circle! I wish I can show you the inisdes of the calendar. It was, may I say it myself - rather lovely! :)


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