Aug 01, 2012

"Dancing simone” has been getting a lot of attention lately. After realizing it has been creeping out of pinterest boards, I got an email from that this photo was featured on their “weekend inspiration“. I was confused at first, well it was 5.30am when I read the email, but soon broke into a happy grin. Just few days ago, contacted me about featuring “dancing simone” onto their inaugural issue that is launching in Jan 2013. I was so surprised, and of course I agreed. APF have it put it up on their FB page as a sneak peek ;-)

The thing is, I actually didn’t think much of this photo when we took it in April 2011, when Simone came to visit Basel. We picked her up at the train station and brought her to Goetheanum in Dornach as it was one of my favorite place around. It was all a spontaneous shot, I took the opportunity of great lines and light and directed the shot while Christian captured it on his Samsung Galaxy phone – which was what we have then. Honestly, the credit should be the 3 of us, the model (Simone), the director (Moi) and the photographer (Christian).

This photo has been taken quite a while ago and only now that it has got under the spotlight. I was thinking aloud, at least I was once known for one very picture if I die tomorrow.

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