Mar 27, 2014

Finally, the first e-session for year 2014. Well, since the arrival of BB Jade actually...

Please meet Denise and Meini - a very fun and spontaneous couple that I had so much fun shooting last week. I actually hired Denise for my postpartum care, and for some reason she found out later that I am a photographer and wanted me to take their wedding pictures. I am honored :)

Last Saturday was expected to be a crappy rainy day, but nothing will spoil the couple's mood and they decided to went ahead. They have so much positivity and fun-loving attitude that the weather decided to take a turn for them. It didn't turn out bright and sunny but it stop raining and we could have a few fun shots and laughing the whole time.

Just look at them! Their personalities truly show in the pictures, and I am so looking forward to their wedding day already...


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