May 02, 2012

With the arrival of Spring, comes the wedding season. I have a few weddings lined up and I’m pretty looking forward to it myself. I spoke with a few friends recently about finding a suitable yet affordable wedding photographers for theirs. I can’t be more elaborate enough that finding the RIGHT photographer is almost as important as finding your partner. Come on, after the celebration is over, and all your guests have long forgotten how your wedding dress looks like, all is left with you is your wedding photographs. So, try to take your time to pick out photographers, meet up and have a talk to them to get a feel that you are comfortable with him/her.

Another way is to book for a pre-wedding shoot, that will allows you to get a feel of working with the photographer and understand each other better. Come the big day, is not all a rush, and you’ll find yourself posing comfortably. Pre-wedding shoot is unlike wedding day, you can arrange it at the golden hours to have the best result and plus, you get to have fun minus the stress. Check out an engagement shoot I did over the weekend, and we did have fun! :)

Isa & Jamie are having a small wedding in July, so I suggested to do an engagement shoot to have some fun and to use the photos for their invitation. They liked the idea and both are spontaneously fun! I like how they are so expressive and not afraid to show it. You can see from the pictures how in love they are. Congratulations Isa and Jamie! ♥

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