Apr 28, 2016

He was in Lausanne for a project, and she was coming over for a holiday. They are both from Malaysia, a neighbouring country where I came from. Together, they wanted to have their pre-wedding photos taken in Switzerland. And the internet send them to me. I am glad they found me, as I am just as happy to know them. 

When I first met Karen for the shoot, it felt like I've known her long and we both felt comfortable with each other right away. The camaraderie in us is indeed strong, in which we could cheerfully finish the shoot in a city they have never been, with a person they have never met. I am thankful for their trust in me, to give them a beautiful memento for their upcoming wedding back home. 

Thank you for coming to Basel to shoot with me. Here's to many more beautiful new memories together, Congratulations Karen and Adrian!


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