Feb 29, 2016

Basel City is a melting pot where English speaking expats meet and...fall in love. This is certainly so with Eva and Konstantin. Having their entire focus on their big wedding celebration in Prague, they realized they haven't anyone to document their civil wedding. So that is where yours truly came in...

Their civil wedding was held in the heart of Basel City, on the 2nd day of Fasnacht carnival. You can imagine the entire city was sharing this beautiful day with them, throwing confetti and cheering them with champagne. Yes, I was literally drinking on the job.

The hour went by fast trying to document what is meaningful for them to look at after all celebration is done. It is only while doing the photo editing work, I realize how beautiful Eva's smile is. She has this very genuine, full of life kind of smile that I really like. And oh my god! They both are like the most kissable and loving couple I have shot. Don't believe me? Check it out yourself!

Thank you for letting me witnessing this beautiful day with you. 


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