Oct 09, 2014

Denise and Meini are probably one of my favorite wedding couple to shoot. They are not only easy-going, but their love and bond between each other truly shows in every picture. And it is almost easy to capture them without too much effort. 

After taking their engagement shots earlier this year, I look so much forward to their wedding day. Short before the wedding, the weather hasn't been pretty and like all weddings, tensions and excitement were drawn near. As it turned out, the weather was bright and beautiful. I used to think that civil marriage is the one true thing. But after witnessing their church wedding that was filled with emotions and faith, I came to realize that religion play such important role in one's life. Especially on such a grand day like weddings. I am very happy to be there, happy I was able to steal a few moments for them to keep.

Wishing you both a beautiful life together, Denise and Meini!


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