Aug 02, 2012

Helen and Martin are the most chillax folks around, easy-going with charming personalities. They both went on a 7 month round-the-world trip 2 years ago. Martin is a Duracell bunny whom you will often spot in sport races. Helen is your lovely girl-next-door, who is studying to be a farmer. It is no wonder since she grew up in a farm. In fact, the wedding Apéro was held in their family farm. It was a huge place and I had so much fun watching their families and friends launched into surprises, one after one. The most amazing thing happened that day in the farm was to witness a delivery of a calf. I was so touched by the mother cow – freshly delivered – weak and all, selflessly went up to lick-clean up her baby, and physically and morally be by her side as the baby calf learn her first few steps. I am a city girl, such farm scene was very raw and new to me. Since she was born on their wedding day, the newly weds get to name the baby calf. I am not sure if they have came up with the name yet?

Anyway, here is a highlight of the beautiful day…

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