Jul 16, 2012

While the French are celebrating their Fête Nationale (Bastille Day) on July 14th, I celebrated the day by witnessing the union of Isa and Jamie together with both immediate families. Isa is from Germany & Jamie is from England. They are both expats here in Basel, where they first met and fell in love. I think God must have love them very much that they were blessed this day with awesome weather after days of wind and rain. The wedding was held in Binningen followed by an Apéro and lunch at the beautiful Bottmingen Schloss. I was very happy to meet with Isa & Jamie’s parents as they are such lovely folks that I wish I have more time to chat with them. Alas, I mustn’t forget that I was hired for a job.

It was a bliss taking their photos on this day, their affection shows and they are not afraid to show it. What really helps, according to them, was the e-session we had couple months earlier. It helps them to loosen up and get into the mood right away. So for those who’s planning on a wedding shoot, do try to get an Engagement shoot with your photographer prior the big day. You will thank yourself for doing that.

Here’s some snapshots of the beautiful day…

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