As a people person, I enjoy capturing people. The human emotions that comes within attracts me the most. My style of shooting is almost natural, as I think people look the best at their natural self. I excel in stealing those little moments, but at times where I let my creativity takes control and do something fun that allow your personality to shine through. Growing up without a complete family picture, I aim to give my clients just that - something meaningful.

To encourage you to get your photos printed, I am giving each of my packages a print credit to print them out, print it big, or make it into a yearly family book. Imagine seeing these framed moments hanging on your wall 20 years later! Beautiful pictures shouldn’t live only in your computer hard drive.

Portrait Collection starts at 299 CHF for a 30-minute session. Wedding Collection starts at 1,299 CHF for a 3-hour session. 

Please contact me for a detailed pricing and availability.

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